I’ve been a patient of Dr Yoshida for over 4 decades. He and his office are A+!

Steven S.

I can only speak of good things about Dr. Yoshida and staff. My teeth are full of gratitude and smiling ear to ear. My first dentist, my only dentist!

M. Siglos

When I first visited Dr. Yoshida I was 10 years old! Like many candy-and-soda-pop-mad 10-year-olds I had cavities and was nervous about having them filled. But Dr Yoshida and his staff were always patient, always there to answer my questions and make sure I was comfortable with the answers before the freezing, the drilling and the filling – which, as a kid, was boring but never painful.

As I grew older, and as my mouth became more complicated, my dental work became more extensive (extractions, root canals, crowns, tissue grafts, etc.), yet Dr Yoshida and his staff remained consistent in their approach – not just to my teeth and gums but to the mind and body attached them. A holistic approach before we spoke of such a thing.

There have been three occasions in my life where I have been travelling and had to see a dentist other than Dr Yoshida. Every time I was asked to open my mouth, the dentist leaned in and said something impressive. In Berlin it was, “Wow, nice work!” In Atlanta it was, “Whoa, who’s the artist!” In Havana it was, “Ay caramba! Usted ha tenido un gran trabajo dental!”

During my last visit to Dr. Yoshida’s office I noticed on his walls some recent certificates. How impressive that someone who has been practicing for so long continues to upgrade his skills! Equally impressive is the length of time his wonderful staff have been with him, all of whom are kind, witty and highly-skilled.

Michael T.

I have been a patient of Dr. Yoshida for years; his professionalism and quality care have always been top notch. He continues to upgrade his skills on a regular basis, so that he can provide current techniques of dental care. Dr. Yoshida has been incredibly fortunate with his choice of staff as many of them have worked for him for many years; both he and his staff make you very comfortable during your appointment.

Margaret R

Yoshida has been our family dentist for many years.  He has been very professional while caring for us, and we would highly recommend him.


Brian and Donna C.

I’ve been going to Dr. Yoshida since I was about 10 years old. He’s the best. Very personable, really creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Jody Vancouver