Do I Need A Root Canal?

Some people are so terrified of the prospect of root canal that they let their tooth deteriorate to the point where it can no longer be salvaged. Dr. Vincent Yoshida, our Vancouver dentist, is pleased to explain root canal to our patients and explain its benefits. Modern techniques have made root canal safe and relatively comfortable.

Do You Need A Root Canal?

Dr. Yoshida recommends a root canal Vancouver if the roots of the tooth are infected or inflamed. This can cause extreme pain, and an area of pus in the jaw called an abscess can form if the infection is ignored. Some signs that a patient may need a root canal are:

  • Excruciating pain on eating or putting pressure on the tooth. Pain can also be caused by gases created by the rotting pulp not being able to escape and putting pressure on the nerve. Some patients are reduced to keeping icewater in their mouths to keep the pain from becoming unendurable.
  • A tooth that is sensitive to heat or cold. The pain lingers even when the hot or cold item is removed.
  • Swollen or tender gums around the affected tooth.
  • A bump that looks like a pimple near the affected tooth.
  • A tooth that turns dark.

Root Canal Consultation

During a consultation for root canal Vancouver, Dr. Yoshida takes a patient’s medical history then X-rays the infected tooth. He will explain the procedure, discuss the risks and benefits, and instruct the patient as to how they should take care of themselves after the operation.


Just before the root canal therapy, Dr. Yoshida injects the patient with a local anesthetic to numb the area around the tooth. Still, some patients are so nervous that they opt for sedation dentistry. Dr. Yoshida gives them a sedative to take the night before the procedure, so that when they come into the office the next day they are relaxed. Then, the Vancouver dentist gives the patient the anesthetic. Young children and patients who are truly terrified of the operation may be given general anesthesia.

The Treatment

When the patient is comfortable, Dr. Yoshida clears out the canals and pulp chamber in the root of the patient’s tooth. He uses tiny brushes to make sure the structures are completely clean then fills them with a material called gutta percha and secures the gutta percha with dental cement. Dr. Yoshida then adds a temporary filling.

A dental implant is necessary if the tooth can’t be preserved. With a dental implant, Dr. Yoshida inserts a titanium post in the jaw. The bone and the post fuse together, and a life-like crown is placed upon it. Because of modern technology, the crown matches the patient’s natural teeth in every way.


The tooth is tender and sensitive after the procedure, but Dr. Yoshida prescribes analgesics and antibiotics to keep the patient comfortable while the surgical wound heals.

Don’t Suffer One More Day!

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